The infrastructure of the Oilseed Processing  complex of  Allseeds Group in the port of Yuzhny has again proved its logistical advantages. During the  week in January 2019, the company loaded two vessels, the Arionas and the Maersk Trenton with 35,000 tons of sunflower oil each. The average loading speed was over 750 tons per hour.

"We like Allseeds case as the company is current leader at the market with a team which has vision. Together, relying on this team we will take an opportunity to bring Allseeds to the new level", - said Daniil Pas'ko, Managing Partner Diligent Capital Partners in his interview to

Over the past five years in Ukraine the TOP-10 investments in the agrarian sector included: MHP - (second production line of Vinnitsa poultry farm) - $ 300 million; ALLSEEDS - (multiseeds Oilseed Processing Plant in the Sea port Yuzhny, Odessa region) - $ 200 million; NIBULON - (two transshipment terminals for grains and oilseeds: Khortytsya branch and Golopristanskaya branch) - $ 200 million;