Allseeds imports first ever Canola Panamax from Australia


Due to the favorable location of Allseeds production facilities near the Sea Trade Port “Yuzhny”, with the low yield of oilseeds in Ukraine, the Management of Allseeds made a strategic decision to diversify the raw material base for the first time imported 64,501 tons of Australian canola, which contributed not only to our processing plant but for the turnover of the Sea Commercial Port “Yuzhny”, who is a strategic partner for Allseeds.

The ship "Linden Trader" arrived in Port “Yuzhny” on 01.05.2021 and completed unloading on 15.05.2021. Allseeds plant will crush all cargo with the further export of all by-products.

Allseeds will continuously improve its business model using available on-the-market solutions and resources.

We want to thank our employees and local authorities for their excellent and uninterrupted work.

Allseeds going forward!