Allseeds: “100,000” - the lucky number of April 2019


The number “100,000” became  lucky for the Allseeds Group in April 2019: it is 100,000 tons that the storage capacity of the Vegetable Oils Terminal now equals to, and it is 100,000 tons of oil that the Company loaded during this month.

The Allseeds Group remains committed to turning port Yuzhny into the veg-oil hub of the Black Sea-Mediterranean region. To this end, it actively increases the reservoir park of the Vegetable Oils Terminal and expands the technological capabilities of loading ships.

Recently, the capacity of the tank farm here has increased from 42,000 tons to 100,000 tons for one-time oil storage. The company is ready to fill tankers at seven loading points from six berths belonging to TIS сompany with a speed of up to 1200 tons/hour.

Such capabilities in logistics and active mutually beneficial cooperation with partners allowed Allseeds in April 2019 to set its own transshipment record of about 100,000 tons of vegetable oil which corresponds to 1.2 million tons per year.

So far… Because the development plan implementation of the Company’s oilseed-processing and terminal complexes in Yuzhny and its infrastructure continues.

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