Vladyslav Vyniarskyi has been appointed Chief Financial Officer of Allseeds Group.

He has more than 20 years of professional experience in banks, funds and top agro holding companies, as well as an Executive MBA degree at the top international school IMD (Switzerland), an MBA degree in banking and experience in the Academy of Corporate Governance of INSEAD International School.


In October 2020, Allseeds opened a new office in India. This international expansion set a foot print in the biggest world consumption market for vegetable oil as well as the second world populous country.


The first six leader companies among Ukrainian exporters of sunflower oil remain the same after 2019/20 MY (September - August). These six companies are holding almost 80% of the market. At the same time not each of these companies showed the growth of exported vegoil, - says the report of Stark Shipping.

TOP-exporters (all kinds of vegiols excluding containers) are as follows:


The main asset of the Allseeds Group, located in the Pivdennyi port has developed into a powerful production and logistics hub. Here, 2,200 tons of oilseeds are processed daily, up to 5,000 tons of oil are accepted for transshipment to the Vegetable Oil Terminal with a capacity of over 100,000 tons, which is transported at a speed of 1,250 tons per hour to vessels at 7 loading points at 5 berths.

Allseeds Group Oil Extraction Plant is included to the List of Ukrainian Rapeseed Meal Producers for Export to the Chinese Market.
Allseeds Group pays special attention to the constant confirmation of the quality of its products and production as factors of competitiveness in the markets.

From the beginning of quarantine in the Limansky district of Odessa region, activists and business representatives have helped physicians and residents of the district withstand the impact of COVID-19 disease. Among them is the Allseeds Black Sea is among them.

The Allseeds Group Oilseed processing Plant in the Pivdennyi port, confidently took 1st place among Ukrainian rapeseed oil producers in the July-March 2019/20 season. The company produced 52,000 tonnes of rapeseed oil from the 2019 crop, which makes 32% of the total volume.The produced oil was exported.

Allseeds considers the consolidation of Ukrainian society in face of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic extremely important, and supports restrictive and anti-epidemic measures aimed at protecting the safety and health of the population.


With 21% of the market shares (64kmt), Allseeds Group became the first exporter of sunflower meal containers from Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the 2019/20 season, Ukraine exported a total of 304 kmt.