Labor and Environmental protection, industrial safety

In the course of production activities, Alseeds Black Sea LLC pays priority attention to the issues of occupational safety, reduction of accidents and injuries, and creation of decent working conditions, and setting the priority of these issues over any other organizational and technical tasks.

The company continues to demonstrate a high level of industrial safety and labor protection in the oil extraction industry of Ukraine.

Strict observance of the rules of labor protection, and industrial and fire safety at the production sites of Alseeds  Black Sea LLC contributes to the fact that occupational injuries in the company for a long time remain at a fairly low level.

The company conducts systematic work to improve working conditions in the workplace. The main tool for assessing and managing working conditions is the procedure regulated for these purposes by Ukrainian legislation - the certification of jobs under working conditions.

The share of the Company's employees working in hazardous working conditions has been steadily declining in recent years due to the consistent implementation of measures to improve working conditions.

As part of the implementation of the Alseeds Black Sea Policy in the field of industrial safety, labor protection, and the environment, in order to minimize production and occupational risks, appropriate corporate programs are developed and implemented.

Program planning is based on a comprehensive and holistic approach to the development of Alseeds Black Sea LLC, maintaining and expanding competitive advantages through the creation and use of the best available effective technologies to develop logistical, technological, and managerial capacity, ensure human safety and safety. quality of the environment in the company's area of ​​activity, maintain and improve the company's reputation as a socially responsible organization.

The main directions of the Program:

  • training, preparation, and advanced training of employees
  • bringing jobs in line with regulatory requirements;
  • providing employees with personal protective equipment and appropriate sanitary and medical and preventive conditions;
  • organization of employee health care in accordance with state and corporate standards;
  • improving the management of industrial and fire safety and labor protection, regulatory and organizational support;
  • prevention and elimination of emergencies;
  • ensuring the solution of the set tasks at the modern scientific and technical level.

Based on the principles of social partnership, the Company's administration carries out purposeful work to protect the legitimate interests and rights of employees to healthy and safe working conditions.

Particular attention is paid to quality control of employee training in safe techniques and methods of work, compliance with safety requirements, prevention of occupational injuries and diseases, the state of health care, providing personal and collective protection, informing employees in the field of occupational safety and other areas of safety education. labor.

Understanding the degree of responsibility to society for the safety and health of personnel and the population, the rational use of natural resources, and maintaining a favorable environmental situation, LLC " Alseeds Black Sea" in its work is guided by the highest standards in industrial safety, health, and environment.

In 2022, according to the results of an independent audit, Alseeds Black Sea LLC confirmed the compliance of the Industrial Safety, Occupational Safety, and Environmental Management System with the requirements of the international standards ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental management system) and ISO 45001: 2018 (Occupational health and safety management systems). The main purpose of these standards is to help the companies that implement them achieve zero injuries and care for the environment. The company has received the relevant certificates.

The ISO 14001: 2015 certificate certifies that the Company has approved the environmental policy and adheres to it in its work, constantly improves the environmental management system, and takes all measures to prevent negative impacts on the environment. Environmental protection is an integral part of a successful business. Ensuring environmental safety of production and reducing the impact on the environment - these are the key factors of sustainable development and competitiveness of the enterprise, the basis for successful international cooperation.

The ISO 45001: 2018 certificate certifies that the Company successfully operates an occupational safety and health management system and makes the necessary efforts to minimize occupational and occupational risks, improve working conditions, and ensure staff preparedness for emergencies.