In Odessa region business helps fight the COVID-19 pandemic


From the beginning of quarantine in the Limansky district of Odessa region, activists and business representatives have helped physicians and residents of the district withstand the impact of COVID-19 disease. Among them is the Allseeds Black Sea is among them.

At the beginning of April, physicians of the Limansky District Hospital sincerely thanked for the help they provided in the form of a large number of goggles and protective suits necessary for working with patients with suspected coronavirus, protective masks, and other materials. This assistance It was provided with the assistance of the leadership of one of the largest enterprises in the south of Ukraine - Allseeds Black Sea - Viacheslav Petryshche, Bjorn Stendel and Yuriy Knyazev.

And at the end of May, they purchased 3,500 rapid tests from the Odrex Medical House for the Primary Health Care Center in the Liman Region. Thanks to this help, doctors were able to expand the range of patient examinations. In addition, through the same medical homehouse, Allseeds Black Sea representatives purchased 1,500 rapid tests for the Liman District Hospital. Such  number of tests made it possible to test not only patients with suspected COVID-19, but also all medical workers of the Liman CDH.

“In connection with the help of donators philanthropists, we have the opportunity to expand the range of patient research. Now, each patient who comes with a temperature or signs of acute respiratory infections is being tested to determine COVID-19. We are very grateful for the help, support and good timing timeliness, ”- Tatyana Taran, chief physician of the Limansk Central District Hospital.

Allseeds Black Sea also purchased and distributed over 4,000 disposable masks to people in the area over this period. Such surgical assistance allowed to identify cases at the early stages and prevented the disease from spreading to this area of ​​Odessa region.

Based on UNIAN materials