Allseeds is among TOP 6 exporters of sunflower oil from Ukraine


The first six leader companies among Ukrainian exporters of sunflower oil remain the same after 2019/20 MY (September - August). These six companies are holding almost 80% of the market. At the same time not each of these companies showed the growth of exported vegoil, - says the report of Stark Shipping.

TOP-exporters (all kinds of vegiols excluding containers) are as follows:

Kernel - 1,47 mln mt (25,8% market share);

COFCO - 944,2 kmt (16,6%);

Bunge - 603,7 kmt (10,6%);

Alfa Trading (Wilmar) - 575 kmt (10,1%);

Cargill - 457,5 kmt (8,0%);

Allseeds - 450 kmt (7,9%).

It is mentioned in the report that during 2019/20 MY Ukraine has exported 6,63 mln tons of vegiol by sea (+300 kmt). 5,69 mln t. were sent in tank vessels and 933 thousands - in containers.

"This is the record-breaking figure for Ukraine, export in containers has grown in 42%", - experts emphasize.

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