Human resources management

The greatest value of Allseeds is the people who work for the Company, and every day they invest their strength, knowledge, energy, experience and professionalism. With all its achievements and successes, the Company thanks a professional, dedicated and progressive team.
That is why, with all its employees, the Company strives to build optimal partnerships aimed at professional and intellectual development of each individual and formation of a healthy atmosphere in the team in order to achieve common goals.

Managers of all levels are open to communication with all employees. Among the priorities of the Company is to create a friendly atmosphere of cooperation, mutual respect and mutual assistance in the team, at the same time, to form a personal responsibility of each for the fulfillment of their duties and results of work.

Employees of all divisions form a single human resource. The Company takes into account the regional specificity, historical features and cultural traditions of the production enterprises.
One of the key principles of Allseeds is to ensure safe working conditions and employee health. The company encourages proposals for improving working conditions, optimizing production and technological processes, enhancing corporate culture and civic engagement. At the same time, it seeks to ensure that staffing technologies, tools for motivation and development of employees are uniform for all enterprises of the group of companies and understandable to all employees.

The system of recruiting new employees to the Company is built on the absolute respect for the rights of all candidates for the vacancy, the eradication of various forms of discrimination and the individual approach to each candidate for a vacant position, as well as focused on attracting the best specialists. After all, highly qualified personnel directly influence the increase of labor productivity and, as a consequence, the increase of the Company's profit.

Each employee, if desired, capable of growth and development, as well as the necessary knowledge, has the appropriate opportunity to move in the structure of the Company both horizontally and vertically (provided there are vacancies or the possibility of staff expansion).

We strive to ensure that all employees share the success of the Company, are aware of their involvement in corporate values ​​and are proud to be part of the Allseeds team.