Ukraine has significantly increased oilseeds products export: for 8 months 2018/19 m/y (September-April) the sunflower oil export amounted to 4147 thousand tons against 3707 thousand tons in 2017/18 m/y, an increase of 12%. This is evidenced by state customs data.


Sergii Prysiazhniuk  has been appointed to the position of Operations Director of Allseeds Group, General Director of LLC "Allseeds Black Sea”. Mr. Prysiazhniuk  has 25 years of experience in the vegoil industry of Ukraine, for a long time held the highest responsible positions at the PLC “Vinnytskyi oil and fat production plant”, the Industrial Group “VIOIL”,  the OREXIM Group.


According to the results of vegoil export transshipment from the harvest of 2018, the Sea Commercial Port Yuzhny the first time reached the 3-rd place among the ports of Ukraine with a volume of 905 thousand tons or over 23%.


One of the largest producers and exporters of vegetable oils in Ukraine - Allseeds Group on March 13, 2019 formed a new Supervisory Board.It was headed by Dan Pasko - managing partner of Diligent Capital Partners investment company.


The infrastructure of the Oilseed Processing  complex of  Allseeds Group in the port of Yuzhny has again proved its logistical advantages. During the  week in January 2019, the company loaded two vessels, the Arionas and the Maersk Trenton with 35,000 tons of sunflower oil each. The average loading speed was over 750 tons per hour.

"We like Allseeds case as the company is current leader at the market with a team which has vision. Together, relying on this team we will take an opportunity to bring Allseeds to the new level", - said Daniil Pas'ko, Managing Partner Diligent Capital Partners in his interview to
Over the past five years in Ukraine the TOP-10 investments in the agrarian sector included: MHP - (second production line of Vinnitsa poultry farm) - $ 300 million; ALLSEEDS - (multiseeds Oilseed Processing Plant in the Sea port Yuzhny, Odessa region) - $ 200 million; NIBULON - (two transshipment terminals for grains and oilseeds: Khortytsya branch and Golopristanskaya branch) - $ 200 million;
Trust in founding shareholders and professional management, an efficient business model and good business practice have been converted into capital - the Dutch development bank (FMO) and Diligent Capital Partners (DCP) have become shareholders in Allseeds SA.

September 2018  shot a powerful messages about investments from Ukraine to the whole World, which can safely be called the Ukrainian investment breakthrough-2018.


According to APK-Inform estimations, in the first month of the new season-2018/19 rapeseed processing  in Ukraine broke the absolute record  of over 100 thsd tonnes. In July 2018, a new market player — the Allseeds oil extraction plant in  Yuzhny Port — formed rather significant share in the structure of rapeseed processing.