Allseeds Black Sea was elected as a member of the EBA Logistics Committee. The majority of the Committee members such as Nibulon, Cargill, TIS, Port Invest, Bunge, Kernel, etc. voted for appropriate decision.


In 2015 sunflower earned the Ukrainian farmers 29,2 bln UAH, while it represents only 20% of the farmed area, produced 36% of the operational profit from crop production according to Sergii Stoianov, the agrarian expert and Chief reputation officer of Allseeds Company.


The official statement on land plot allocation for Allseeds Black Sea LLC signed by Oleksandr Borovik, acting as Deputy chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration was placed on their web-site on 12.03.2016.


The Allseeds Group is sending sincere congratulations to the world-famous company Cargill Inc., their partners in Ukraine – “MV Cargo”, Embassy of the United States of America in Ukraine, the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, Government of Ukraine with an outstanding event.


Head of the Council of the Association Ukroliiaprom*, CEO of Allseeds Viacheslav Petryshche gave an exclusive interview to about the situation on the oilseeds market and the proximate outlooks of the multiseeds oil extraction industry of Ukraine.   


Viacheslav Petryshche, CEO of Allseeds Group, gives interview to Interfax-Ukraine. Ukraine's completed harvest of sunflower seeds, having cropped more than 11 million tons, according to official data. In your opinion, is there a potential for a further boost in sunflower see production in short term?


On November 12, 2015, the Allseeds company sent another vessel "Baku" to France  with 12 thsd tonnes of sunflower meal pellets of own production.


On October 19, 2015, Allseeds Black Sea sent the first vessel "Rubi T" to India with 12`000 tonnes of sunflower oil of own production, informed the press-service of the company. The new plant of the company in Yuzhny port increases production of goods with best export quality characteristics. The quality of oil is monitored by an independent surveyor "Dr. Bushmeyer".


The Allseeds flag says – Going forward! The company team explain this motto as being in advance, not giving up and staying strong in the pursuit of your goals! And much is achieved since the company "reincarnated" in 2010. 


The Minister of the Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine A. Pavlenko (the Minister) and Governor of Odessa Regional State Administration M. Saakashvili (the Governor) met with agrarians on the newly launched on July 16, 2015 oil-extraction plant of Allseeds Group in Yuzhny port.