A dirty smear campaign has been launched lately against Allseeds Group, aiming to de-organize its operations and cause material losses for the company – the Allseeds Group that, despite the turbulent 2013-15 has built an oil-extracting complex in Yuzhny port valued at 200 million US dollars.


In February 2017, Allseeds Black Sea launches implementation of a logistics project for oilseeds meals trans-shipment using its production facilities in Yuzhny port. There will be three stages of the project implementation. At each stage, one of the three ground level storages will be connected to the company’s existing infrastructure and the railway.


From the start of the 2016-17 season, Allseeds has been steadily growing the volumes of sunflower seeds processed at its oil-extracting plant in Yuzhny. As of the end of October 2016, net volume of seeds processed amounted to 120 thousand tons, where 110 thousand tons were seeds of the new harvest.


45 agricultural companies collectively control about 4,1 mln ha of agricultural land. Their total revenue exceeds $10,8 billion. We deliberately do not rank the companies by the size of the land bank, because this asset is not their property.


Ahead of the Builder’s Day, the authoritative jury of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine held a traditional competition among the best Ukraine’s construction objects. In Ukraine’s Best Industrial Facility 2015 category, Allseeds Black Sea company’s oil-extracting plant in Yuzhny has been named the winner.


Allseeds Black Sea became a Sponsor of the IV International Conference "Black Sea Oil Trade-2016". Organizer – consulting agency UkrAgroConsult.


On April 22, M. Saakashvili stated during Ukrainian Infrastructure Forum’16 in Kyiv: “I proposed to initiate a mediation. Vasyl Kysil was appointed as a mediator and his decision will be the final decision for our administration and for both companies... it will have the power of an administrative decision.”


Mediation by Vasyl Kysil, authoritative Ukrainian lawyer in a land dispute between Allseeds Black Sea and Odessa Regional Administration and LLC Energo Product Ltd, initiated on April 8 of the current year, has been concluded. Mr. Kysil has issued ‘Report and Conclusions’ with regard to the mediation.


The Allseeds Black Sea continues to increase capacities of the oil-extracting plant in Yuzhny Port. The current agenda is the second stage construction of the silo with capacities of one-time storage to be increased by 1.5 times – from 80 000 to 120 000 tons.


Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine intervened in the lawsuit filed in the State’s interest by the State Enterprise «Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority» on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine (third party - LLC Allseeds Black Sea).